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Down Arrow

united against hate

Coming together to build an anti-racist resistance movement.

who we are

United Against Hate is a coalition of groups and individuals building a permanent movement of broad, active resistance against violent racist and far-right groups and the threat of fascism in the United States.

BLM rally Napa Valley Register.jpg

what's at stake

We face enormous threats to our democracy. Growing active membership in far right, white nationalist and neo-Nazi groups have resulted in increased challenges to truth, justice and the common good. Physical attacks by these groups have been heightened, promoted and incited since the 2016 elections. The growing threat of fascism and white supremacy is spreading at an alarming rate, from Charlottesville to Pittsburgh, from Portland to New York, to the assaults on members of Congress in Washington, DC, to the murder of Asian women in Atlanta.

These groups have attacked immigrants, Muslims, Jews, Asians, Blacks, LatinX, LGBTQ+ communities, women, unionists, leftists, journalists, election officials, police, and members of Congress—seemingly with impunity. White supremacists have been incited to engage in violent hate crimes. They have gleefully heeded that encouragement, taking to the streets, weapons in hand. 

Death threats against election officials, plots to kidnap governors, burning of Black Lives Matter banners, and invasion of the U.S. Capitol are ominous indications that Trumpism will unfortunately not end with the Trump presidency. 


There is an urgent need to come together now to stop the rise of racism, fascism, and hate.

Please join with us.

"I became an anti-fascist, and the more I saw what was happening to the peoples of Europe, the Jews, the more I saw the deep cruelty and inhumanity of that system and its philosophy of white supremacy."

harry belafonte