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Our Mission


Cuts to social spending and investments in our communities over the past several decades has forced millions to fall deeper into economic insecurity and frustration. These fears and experiences of millions of Americans have become the fertile ground to grow the right-wing populist sentiment that deliberately misdirects blame on immigrants and people of color rather than destructive fiscal and economic policies that leave behind so many of us.


Fascists use racism to divide our communities and our class. Sadly, as workers begin to doubt that they can ever improve their economic conditions, the pull toward fascism increases.


Fortunately we are many, they are few. We know there are real solutions to the economic crisis so many of us are experiencing today -- and those solutions don't include blaming people who are different than us. These are the ideas that must win over the millions of Americans who are in crisis, who don’t feel they have anywhere to turn, who have been left behind. Our ideas of equality and justice are the ideas that millions of Americans must believe is the correct vision, and not the hateful ideas peddled by fascists and white supremacists.

Our Mission
  1. United Against Hate is intent on working with and supporting BIPOC and other marginalized populations in our collective resistance against the far right.

  2. We oppose white supremacy, racism, antisemitism, Islamophobia, sexism and misogyny; as well as attacks on immigrants, LGBTQ+ people and labor unions—and note that tolerance of these kinds of hate and bigotry create breeding grounds for violent far right and fascist groups to grow. 

  3. We believe that the vast majority of Americans are opposed to fascism and white supremacy, and that all oppressed and working people have a stake in stamping out these ideologies and movements. 

  4. We recognize that austerity cuts have sowed very real fears of millions of Americans, seeding fertile ground for right wing ideas that deliberately misdirect blame on immigrants and people of color, rather than the destructive fiscal and economic policy that only benefits the very rich. 

  5. We recognize the key role that established faith-based organizations, unions, and community groups have in mobilization, education, and solidarity among Americans against the far right. 

  6. We believe that, despite whatever other differences we may have, solidarity and unity in action are the best means to counter the far right.  

  7. We are dedicated to engaging with the public about the fascist threat. 

  8. We are committed to building public opposition to the neo-Nazis and fascist groups when they try to intimidate our communities and spread their hate. We believe this opposition is inseparable from solidarity with the everyday struggles of oppressed and marginalized communities.


With these principles in mind, we aim to build a broad and diverse movement that is unafraid to protect our communities and workplaces from violence whenever and wherever the fascists appear in public. Only then can we ensure safety, peace, and justice in our communities.


We welcome all who oppose racism and fascism to join us.

Principles of Unity
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