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Remembering the Holocaust

On this International Day of Remembrance, our responsibility is to not only acknowledge the enormous loss of humanity and the untold suffering of victims, but to also uphold the weighty responsibility of vigilance toward any signs that such atrocities could be repeated. For this somber task it is imperative that we commit to understanding the forces that produced the Holocaust, then link arms and stand together against the neo-Nazism and racism we see today.

While racist nationalism is undoubtedly a clear and present danger in this shared moment, our ability to resist the growing forces of hate has never been stronger. Indeed, our strength in unity has been resoundingly displayed during the demonstrations for Black Lives, strikes by low-income workers for safe conditions during the pandemic, grassroots’ struggles against austerity cuts to working families, and teachers’ resistance against any hazardous short-sighted plans to re-open schools. It is our solidarity that reactionary forces fear, and has increased their attempts to weaken us by sowing racial division and hatred.

In the face of this ugliness, we remain United Against Hate, and invite you to join with us to build a movement that resists fascism, neo-Nazism and hatred.

In remembrance and unity,

United Against Hate

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